About Yasmin

Yasmin Nilson, born in 1983, is a journalist, a podcast producer, an author, and a motivational speaker. She is wholeheartedly engaged in the issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Yasmin worked as web master at Stiftelsen Spinalis (The Spinalis Foundation) for eleven years, but in 2017 she decided to concentrate full-time on her own company.

Yasmin produces the popular podcast Soluret (The Sundial), in which she interviews people from all walks of life. Her previous podcast, Timglaset (The Hourglass), produced in collaboration with Max Arehn, was awarded the prestigious Stil Prize Hjärter Ess (Ace of Hearts). In Timglaset she interviewed people with disabilities with riveting life stories.

Excerpt from the jury’s motivation:

”This year’s laureates provide deep insights into life stories otherwise mostly overlooked in media, or just flickering by as short notices. By giving a voice to the people concerned and giving them time to tell their stories themselves, this year’s laureates direct a spotlight on lives previously close on invisible to the public eye. For thus having made the world a bit larger, Yasmin Nilsson and Max Arehn, producers of Timglaset Pod, are awarded the Hjärter Ess award 2016.”

Not content with producing her podcast, Yasmin also travels anywhere and everywhere in Sweden, giving motivational speeches on the issues most important to her and on the story of her life. As a journalist, Yasmin has had a large number of articles published, in periodicals and on web sites.

In 2012, Yasmin published her autobiography, Yasmin – När livet störtdök, in Swedish. The book, which was an instant success, widely and favourably reviewed in media, sold out and has gone to a third printing. This autobiography about Yasmin’s struggle to regain her life after an horrendous accident is now available in English, as When Life Took a Dive

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