Yasmin – When Life Took a Dive

In 1999, Yasmin was fifteen years old, and after summer she would finally enter dance school. She would devote the rest of her life to what was already consuming her life – dance.
Then life took a dive.
Yasmin had an accident which literally crushed her life. In a split second, her bright future as a dancer was transformed into life-long darkness.
There was no cure.
The life she had never lead was already over.
But Yasmin survived.
And she forced the life that took a dive to take a new turn.

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Excerpt from the preface

”The ballet clothes that I wore at my last dance class lie crumpled in a plastic bag. They reek of fusty sweat and the confines of a box – and of cellar, after ten years in a plastic bag.
As soon as I close my eyes to feel my way into my dancing body, it feels like yesterday when I last danced. I open my eyes and realise that I must leave the past, let go of my history. The total control over every little muscle in my body is gone. My body is imprisoned. I am imprisoned in my body. I can no longer escape into my body, away with my body. I must decide whether to remain in the past and thus imprison my thoughts … or move on and let my thoughts fly away into forever.”

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